Definition of Prax-is: (noun) Acts which change or shape the world.

I remember September 11, 2001 like it was yesterday. Our home was less than 3 miles away when the WTC Towers went down. I got as close to the World Trade Center as the military would allow. The next day I went to lower Manhattan and was less than a half mile from the WTC site. I stood among many despairing family members and emergency medical workers as we waited for survivors. I wanted to get past the emergency worker line, but as a NYU grad student, I was only allowed to go so far. Little did I know that I would have plenty of opportunities to help people in the weeks and months following. Several survivors attended my church and my best friend, from childhood, lost his brother. That was over a decade ago.

From terrorists attacks on New York and Boston, to rape, sexual abuse, domestic violence, school shootings, emergency situations, or military service, trauma is a reality we all live with. Trauma is a serious problem effecting our families, friends, and communities. Witnessing the attack on the World Trade Center and serving people in the days following 9/11 greatly influenced my views on the role and opportunities for church leaders, mental health professionals, and everyday people to work together. My desire is to help professionals get inside the credentialing and training lines to help people. More than that, I desire to equip people to really minister to those who are next to us in our day-to-day lives who are suffering or experiencing trauma.  Please click here to read a local newspaper article about our work.​  

Ryan Edlind

Founder of City Praxis Inc.

About Us

Ryan Edlind (please click here for more details)

Clinical Social Worker and Christian Counselor

B.S. and Graduate Studies from Baptist Bible College & Seminary in PA​;

M.S. from Cairn University in Philadelphia;​
M.S.W. from New York University in Manhattan

Licensed Independent Clinical Social Work Supervisor, Ohio Board CSWMFT
Ordained, Calvary Baptist Church in NYC
Licensed Minister

Jennifer Edlind

B.S. from Cedarville University

J.D. from Brooklyn Law School

Certified in Health Care Compliance & Ethics

Licensed Attorney in State of N.Y. and Ohio



Phyllis Bartosiewicz  

B.S. University of Michigan - Dearborn
M.A. Western Michigan University in Educational Technology

Secondary Education Certification in Chemistry & Mathematics