1.   Can people taking the New York City Tour park their cars in the Grace Church parking lot?


     Those taking the tour may park their cars in the Grace Church parking lot during the tour.

2.   Do you have to be a counselor, pastor, or other professional that helps people in order to go on the New York City Tour?


     The New York City Tour is open to anyone who would like to participate.

3.​​   Is this a family friendly tour?​

     This is absolutely a family friendly tour! Children are welcome to join you on the tour.​​


4.   If you go on the tour, do you have to take part in the workshop or walking tour?

     Anyone that goes on the tour is welcome to take part in the workshop and the walking tour. However, it is not required.


5.   Why is a surcharge applied to the hotel charges if you are a single in a room?

     Trip fees are calculated on a hotel double-occupancy basis. A person requesting a single occupancy eliminates the collection of other

     fees that would have been paid by an additional person sharing the room.

6.   How do I register for the tour?


  •      Download the registration form found on the "Reserve Your Spot" page
  •      Complete the form
  •      Mail to Ryan Edlind c/o Grace Counseling with a $100.00 deposit


​7.   What happens if I have to cancel my reservation? Will my deposit be refunded?

      Deposits will be refunded until July 1, 2013. After July 1, your deposit will not be refunded.

8.   Additional questions email Ryan at: